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BUS ROUTES from Paros (harbour) to Naoussa
In July & August, every half hour, from 08:00 a.m. to 03:00 a.m. In all the other months every hour sharp.

BUS ROUTES from Naoussa to Paros (harbour)
From Naoussa to Paros (harbour) every half hour.



ΤΑXΙ from the airport to the hotel(Naoussa).

BUS from the airport to Paros (harbour) and then another bus from Paros (harbour) to the hotel (Naoussa).

-There is a bus-station in front oof the HOTEL HIPPOCAMPUS (Naoussa).
-There are lots of bus routes every day making the round of the island which stop in front of the hotel (Naoussa).
-You can take a boat to the beaches (Kolibithres, Monastery, Lageri, etc.) from the harbour of Naoussa every half hour.
-Every afternoon a bus from Naoussa (with a stop in front of the hotel) takes you to the valey with the butterflies.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: tel.: 22840 21133/21395

ΤΑXΙ: tel.: 22840 21500


The picturesque village of Naoussa combines the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the quiet sundy bays.In the charming little harbour of Naoussa you can find a lot of fresh fish, local cheese and wine. There are a lot of traditional restaurants, shops, super-markets, clubs and pubs.

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